5 Tips on Effective Leading

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Each time we finish leading a workshop or training program I am blown away by how special and unique each group is. We are so honored to be together with people from all different backgrounds, from all around the world, who share the same passion, a desire to feel better. Through the practice of softness and the forms of yoga, tai chi and shiatsu, we have the pleasure of diving in and uncovering our real self. We learn so much about ourselves when we come together in groups. A few obvious ideas to share for anyone interested in leading well.

This is the Beginning

When you stay in the process, you move well beyond your goals. Every opportunity to practice and lead is the beginning. Allow yourself the freedom to know there is no perfect, and perfection isn’t goal worthy of your attention. Be in the process of improving and you’ll form into an effective leader full of awareness and joy. Allow yourself to freedom to reflect on how your leading went, after every opportunity you have to practice, and aim to improve in each moment. to reflect on how you can improve and stay in that process, you will I’d like you all to leave this program with the ability, knowledge, confidence and passion to lead classes effectively, whether one on one or in groups. If you don’t feel ready yet, know that you have the tools, and now you need to put in the practice.

Stay interested

The most interesting people are interested in life. Stay curious. Continue a daily meditation practice. Continue journaling. Continue experimenting on your own body with routines at different times of day. Allow yourself the space and time to grow, change, and fuel creativity and inspiration. Prepare and cook food. Read interesting books on all kinds of topics. Keep a clean house and works space. Keep interested in elevating your self. Simmer what interests you and don’t worry about the outcome.

Practice yoga more than you are practicing teaching and practice teaching a lot, especially if you want to teach. Friends, partners and family are great folks to practice with and will probably be very happy to enjoy a yoga class with you while you practice improving.

Observe yourself without Judgment. And make positive lasting changes. Use your meditation and your personal practice as your tools.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Take a careful look at how you spend your time. How are the quality of your thoughts? Do you spend most of the time worrying, judging yourself, and others, or comparing yourself to others? If so, be aware and change your thoughts. You are in complete control of your thoughts in every moment.

Simmering in negative thoughts about yourself and others will limit your life dramatically. Every negative thought tosses you back a few steps. Every positive thought nudges you forward.

Shift your thinking and watch your life shift accordingly.

Work efficiently and with joy.

Work efficiently and practice dropping tension where you don’t need it to accomplish the task at hand. Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing and if you have a hard time finding the joy, back off, come back to yourself and notice how you feel. Joy might seem like something to add on once you feel confident in your leading, but there is such a big secret in allowing joy to be present in you every step of the way. Joy arrives when excess tension and worry are absent. Tension and worry aren’t going to help you improve, so it’s good to know you don’t want them hanging around you. When you feel the tension creeping in and the joy creeping out, slow down, and come back to doing what you can do easily. Keep going from here and more and more will become easy for you. Let that joy shine through you. Joy is you.