Building Your Career: 3 Rules for Success

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Chatting about how to create a life out of our passion is the single most silence and lean in topic in our In Person Yoga Trainings. It’s natural to want to feel fulfilled, rewarded and happy doing what we do with most of our time. I believe, we all deserve that.

My first rule of warning: I’m not a fan of up and quitting your job (if you are fortunate enough to have a secure job) to go after your passion. Although that might work in rare cases, it’s very unusual and puts an extreme amount of pressure, creativity squashing pressure on needing to make your passion unnaturally support you financially.

I’m happy to share my story as always, I’m an open book for you in this Fire Side Chat video. The video is part of your 200+Hour Strala Online Yoga Leadership Training, Part 2 of 2. This topic is so close to my heart. For me, business is personal and a form, just like our yoga practice, that can be used to improve the world. I’m happy to share what I have learned along the way and keep the conversation going with you.

Nothing great happens in isolation. I’m happy to support you in your journey.

My 3 Rules for Success

Think of these rules as guidelines to steer your big dreaming. The rule of 3 is simple, but challenging to apply. We make our work so much more complicated than we need. Stay connected to you and you’ll enjoy the process.

Constantly Improve. We can’t share what we don’t have ourselves. Passion is great but you are only able to grow and share if you continually improve your understanding and abilities. Practice what you love, every day.

Lead with Your Soul. Success isn’t only about hard work, it’s about how you connect with people. I believe it’s a huge mistake to enter most interactions with a strong agenda. Have your idea in mind, but lead with your soul.

Stay in the Process. Goals are great and necessary for growth, but don’t become too obsessed. Stay in the process of the work you do and you’ll move past your goals more than working hard and obsessing over the end point.

Join us in person for a real life career chat in a supportive and positive community.


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