Our Wellbeing is Interconnected

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Hi Friends!

It’s an honor to practice ease with you daily on Strala Home, and whenever the mood strikes you. When I log on for our LIVE yoga sessions and see friends from the Midwest, all over Europe, Asia, India, South America, to up the street in Brooklyn, and beyond, I wonder, how we are all awake at the same time, and wow, this feels pretty darn close to our in person gatherings. In person is magic, but online is pretty great. We work with what we’ve got, and this time has reminded us that community is everywhere.

We drop off in the world what we practice doing to ourselves. There is freedom in acknowledging you can practice just as well from your home, at the grocery store, in line at the post office, and every masked interaction holding doors for each other with your feet. Soften. Breathe. Move from your middle. Let’s go.

Our good friend and fellow Guide, Jes Lock, created this beautiful calendar to keep us accountable and inspired to practice daily. Click on the image and it takes you to a pdf that you can save to your phone or computer, or if you’re old fashioned like me, print it out and stick it on the fridge. You have so much on your to-do list already, this is a calendar of self-care, ready to help you feel better.

Our monthly theme, (this is fun right!) is Our Wellbeing is Interconnected. When we take care of ourselves we can take good care of others. We are reminded of that more than ever. It’s beautiful to know when you’re practicing you are with friends, softening together, leaning on each other.

The calendar suggests two practices per day, suggestions of course to free your head space for deep breaths and creative thoughts. We’ll discuss the classes and anything else that comes up in our live classes a bit before and after each practice. As always feel free to let us know what is useful for you and what you would like to see more of.

If you’re not on the Strala Home bandwagon, everyone is invited. There is a 7 day trial to soak up the goodness, and for anyone who needs a little or a lot of extra help for any reason, and would love to join, please reach out. We want to help.

IG live Sundays 8am EST is still on. Join in for a Resident Yogi and the Feel Good Gang reunion. The replay usually behaves for me to post on IGTV. Enjoy a binge watch or practice if you are in the mood. Thank you for being there for me and each other. The community support is real. We’ve got you, because we lean on each other.

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Inner Peace - our theme for December Strala Home.I choose peace. When I feel disconnected I soften and return to peace.Thanks to @jes.lock for the beautiful design. It’s a full schedule of ease, some chair yoga for your friends and relatives who are more comfortable seated, and special celebrations for Christmas Day and New Years. We’re here with you. Everyone is welcome. Download your calendar at stralayoga.com#stralayoga
Let your breath move you.What a relief it can be to be reminded you have support, always with each breath.Beautiful memory of strala retreat @sundanceresort late 2019. Pics of @orangeskyjenn @my_a_life by @jes.lock @arslanstype#softness #stralayoga #sundancemountainresort #wellness #retreat
We always have a choice. We can move from center, soften and breathe deep, or not. It’s not always easy, but your center is always there, waiting to guide you. The more we choose to come back to center the easier the choice becomes next time. Positive action is like muscle memory. Ready to serve.Happy to have this community where we can support each other in taking better care, until it becomes our nature, all together.#stralayoga #selfcare #wellness
Breathe big
Notice how you feel
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