My First Life Crisis Led Me Directly to Magic

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My passion for the magic of sequencing stems back to my dancing days, studying with the world renowned Eileen Cropley, a founding member of Paul Taylor Dance Company. I planned to follow a life of composing and telling stories with dance and fell in love with the process in my late teens, but for me, something was missing. I wanted to invite the audience to join in the joy of the dance and to widen the stage beyond those in the theater. This was, funny enough, a big problem for me.

And then m a g i c happened. I was introduced to yoga through my ballet teacher and mentor Rory Foster, of American Ballet Theater. After my first class, I knew this was the feeling I wanted to share. Wow, choreography for all. A lifelong exploration and personal journey began.

A lifetime of study brings technical ability. A commitment to understanding your self brings magic. Together you have the Art of Sequencing, and it lives in all of us.

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Sequencing is the heart and art of storytelling. Whether you are leading a yoga class, giving a talk, writing a book, or having a conversation, the order you give to your phrases, coupled with the awareness you bring to that order, is the formula for creating a great story and a great experience. Order without direction and awareness is simply phrases stacked next to each other. At best you can be good this way. But only by mastering the art of sequencing will you be and feel the greatness in you come alive.

The art of sequencing is my secret joy of leading. If you’ve been with me in person, you know I get so excited about composition. Whether I have 5 minutes or 5 weeks of your time, I dream on how I will orchestrate every moment. Every moment counts and everything you do when you are in a leadership role means something. It’s important to start bringing awareness to what and how you are doing things.

We’ll begin with our ingredients. We have short phrases, long phrases, uneven phrases and even phrases. We have moments of building up, winding down, and the space in between. Oh, how juicy is that space in between. Rhythm and musicality come alive when you put yourself fully into the sequence of what you deliver. You are part of the dance.

You can be technically great, invent very logical, smart sequences, and the experience you deliver can still fall flat. You might have been hard on yourself, possibly fooled by self-doubt, thinking that you need to emote your personality more, change your look, or just be like that other leader who seems to have it all together. Don’t get sucked into the negative thought patterns. If you feel like something is missing from your leading, you are probably right. But the answer isn’t out there. It’s IN there. We want more of YOU in the mix.

Burnout from leading is so common. You might feel like you give give give, and need more time and space to receive. Of course self care is essential. But when you become an interested participant in the ingredients of what you are delivering, you begin to enjoy the process you are giving to others. I designed the Art of Sequencing to give you the process to replenish yourself as you lead and feel exactly like you all along the way.

What takes your leading from an “oh that was nice” to “OH WOW what just happened that was INCREDIBLE” is your awareness of order and your willingness to jump in and be an active participant in the story you are telling.

I’m thrilled to dive deep into the Art of Sequencing and share my decades of experience, practice, and personal tips for taking your leading to the Oh Wow place where you deserve to revel. It is so common to have all the right elements in being a great guide, but still miss that extra special something. This is nothing to feel bad about. That extra special something is right inside you, waiting to come out and join the party.

My favorite stories are the ones we are so excited about we can’t help but share. As a receiver we are given an outline, a feeling, a mood, and the physicality of a journey. As the storyteller or Guide, we bubble beyond the outline and pull our participants along a journey, one where we have the privilege of knowing what’s right around each corner. The story told is the same, but unique for each participant.

Your journey as a storyteller, a Guide, begins with how you feel about what you are presenting. The magic comes to life in knowing it’s much more expansive than the movements, the words, and the phrases. The magic is in the connection between you and your participants. This connection gives you boundless energy, and inspiration for countless more stories to tell.

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