Free Yoga Resources and Connection

Hi Friends!

Community is essential to our wellbeing, and we’re experiencing our need for connection now more than ever.

Thank you for your kindness to us and each other. Through our practice of ease, we ride smooth when things are easy, and when things are challenging, we soften even more. The results are unfolding, and it’s beautiful.

FREE Practice Library

We’re grateful to be able to offer our FREE practice library of yoga, meditation, tai chi and shiatsu practices you can do from the comfort of your home. We are adding more than usual to the library, so keep coming back for your daily practice.

Resident Yogi Sunday 8am Instagram Live

After 101 daily yoga classes with a great group around the world, we slid into a new habit of 8am Sunday’s EST Instagram Live. Everyone is welcome. If you can breathe you can practice. Join here.

Strala Home is Here

Our livestream studio, Strala Home, and full class and series video collection is finally all together. We begin with the live classes July 18 and you can join and begin practicing anytime. See you soon.

Welcome home to your ease.


  1. Trish

    Thank you!!

  2. Mark Foglespng

    how do I tune in to daily live yoga at 8 am, I go to the link for your Instagram page but can’t find the live session?
    Please help
    IT challenged

    • Mike Taylor

      Hi! Sorry for the trouble. Click on my profile pic (at the top in the circle) and you’ll see the live when it’s live at 8am EST every day and it will replay for 24 hours there as well. I’ve been posting a lot of the classes on IGTV also so they are easy to find on the profile. Hope that helps and see you for yoga. xo Tara

  3. Maria McKeon

    Thank you ! I have been following you for years. Grateful for your beautiful spirit xo

  4. Jacque Crawford

    Thank you so much. I have been following you from last few days. It’s really helpful for me.


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