September Strala Home Calendar: Now is the Time for Self Care

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So many of us are feeling the need for self care now more than ever, but what if self care wasn’t something you did, but how you lived? When we practice together at Strala Home, the Strala Yoga app, we take care of ourselves in every moment.

This month, through our practices we will focus on making our self care time, all of the time. Moving with ease before and after your practice will nourish you. Treating yourself with care while you practice, whether the moment is simple or challenging will nourish you. Checking in with your breath body connection while you are going through your day will nourish you. We’ll explore these concepts and practices this month and get your all-the-time-self-care ready to support your lasting wellbeing.

Now is the Time for Self Care. I commit to making self care a lasting part of my life.

Download the September Strala Home Calendar.

September Schedule for Strala Home: The Strala Yoga app

Weekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 2pm: De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 2pm: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am: Strong Yoga

Special Workshops – Sundays 8am EST
Sept 5: Moving in Alignment with Tara
Sept 12: Restorative Yoga with Tara
Sept 19: Yoga the Tai Chi Way with Mike
Sept 26: Avoiding Burnout with Yoga

Fresh Vibes for Fall Practices
Sept 1: 20 Minute Full Body Total Mind Yoga Workout
Sept 8: 45 Minute Energize Yoga
Sept 15: 45 Minute Calm Yoga
Sept 22: 20 Minute Tai Chi Wake Up
Sept 29: 20 Minute Yoga for Flexibility

Practice along with us LIVE at stralahome