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I’m happy to mark our 80th day of Resident Yogis to offer daily playlists for practice. I plan to post a playlist here each night for the following morning’s practice, through our 100th day. Feel free to play along for our classes, or enjoy as you soften, breathe and move through your day.

Day 99 Playlist – Saturday, June 20 Yoga Practice


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In our Strala Training Programs and workshops we always carve some time to talk about music for yoga class. It’s a pin drop moment where we all lean in to see what’s possible, and what everyone else thinks and feels about what’s appropriate, useful and uplifting to support the practice.

Music is powerful, personal and has the potential to shift, change and move us. When the question of what is yoga music comes up it brings up a deeper, more centered conversation. What is yoga to you? Why do you practice and what do you use your practice for? We can give ourselves permission to allow the power of music to support our goals.

Yoga, for most of us is a tool to connect to ourselves, connect to the world, feel better, point ourselves toward sustainable wellbeing, and to enjoy a navigation system that helps us feel better. We all have our unique variation of why we practice and it centers on feeling better. When we feel better, we do better.

In the spirit of feeling better, music for yoga has the potential to support, be part of the story, a character in the environment, and a piercing agent of soul connection.

So, it’s up to you. What is yoga for you? What is yoga music for you?

These playlists are customized for how we practice each day. Our theme, our mood, and where we collectively align ourselves, toward unity, support and progress.

I hope this becomes another way of continuing the conversation of connection, support and love for each other. Feel free to share with your friends, send me suggestions, open my eyes and my heart, and lean on me.

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