When Things Get Worse

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What happens when things get worse instead of better?

I’m talking with a Strala friend who stopped practicing yoga for a while. And coming back to it now, things aren’t feeling so good. We’ve all been here in different ways. Maybe it’s with yoga, the piano, or a sport. I’m aiming to get back in a scull after 20 years. And Tara always likes to remind me that boxing might be just a bit different for me now than what I remember.

So I’ll share a bit of our talk with you here, because we all have this experience, in one way or another. Time changes things.

Here’s a thought to start. Things might be a little better than you think, with your yoga. You know what feels good and what doesn’t. You have a process to work on moving well, in everything you do. And while you’re focusing on what isn’t working as well as you remember, I’m going to guess that some parts of you are working even better than before. Because that just tends to be how things go. So maybe try something a bit radical.


Rather than focus on what you think isn’t working, find what does, and put your focus here. It may be in the smallest details, or the biggest. Work with what works. Create this positive connection with yourself. And let it expand across the rest of you.


As for the poses not feeling so good as you remember, on the one hand, it’s not the worst thing. And you already know how to move through it. Back off to where things are comfortable, and use the principles of natural movement to expand from here. Don’t try to crash through what’s difficult. Breaking through to the other side just breaks things. Instead, let small moves lead to big moves.

You also talked of something bigger than poses, so let’s look more here. Moving well is harder for you now. Which is frustrating, it effects more. And like so much in life, it’s frustrating because of comparison. In this case, comparing an old you that you remember to the you in front of you right now.

I’m not going to say let go of comparison. Even thought we all know comparison is often not so helpful, whether it’s with other people, other companies, or just other versions of ourself. But, it’s hard just to let go of a habit, without trading it in for another. So here’s another.


Put yourself where there is no comparison.


In this case, trying another vocabulary for movement could be exactly what you need. Something new, someplace where you’re not used to working as long and diligently as you have with your yoga. It could be tai chi or painting, walking or running, climbing or just moving around the house. Whatever it is, bring your movement practice here.

The principles are all the same. First, move nicely, not using force against yourself. And second, move naturally – remembering that this doesn’t mean pretending to be some kind of animal, other than the kind we are. The science of natural movement for humans is what we need here. Just keep it simple, and pay attention to the smallest things.


Everything begins in the smallest details, with the smallest movements. And when our focus is here – right here – nothing is really so hard. Because mostly things get hard and uncomfortable when we project forward too much, away from here, into what lies ahead. But right now, here, we can handle. So long as we’re here.


– by Mike


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