Charlotte Stomilovic

Jönköping, Sweden

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2015, 20


I live in Jönköping Sweden where I guide classes on a freelance basis. I do both own events and have regular classes at Yogi Movement Studio.

My yoga journey have been going through different phases. The first time I tried yoga was during junior high when I did an internship at a local gym that offered yoga classes. I liked it the first time but it didn’t become part of my workout routine until I moved to London after I finished school. In spring 2013 I was diagnosed with fatigue syndrome. My body was all broken down and yoga was the only thing I was able to do. Since then yoga has been more than my workout, it’s my lifestyle. Strala yoga has been a lifesaver for me.

Aprt from being a Strala guide I’m also a BirthYoga Guide (prenatal and postnatal yoga). I love all forms of yoga and love to try new things.

My classes are: Playful, challenging but at the same time easygoing. Focusing on getting to know you and how you feel good to move.

Why I do yoga?: To keep myself balanced, both mentally and physically to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. One thing I love about yoga is that you’re never finished, you’re forever a student.

Why I guide yoga: To be able to help and guide people to find their inner strength, not by pushing, by exploring and creating space, moving how it feels good for you to move.