Shiho Ishige

Shinagawa-ku, Japan

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2013, 20

Intensive Training, 2016, 20

Intensive Training, 2016, 20

Intensive Training, 2016, 20


Shiho is Strala Tokyo guide and owner of Strala Tokyo, living in Tokyo, Japan. Currently in process of localizing Strala into Japan, recruiting and supporting guides to join Strala path through studio activities and events. Active Ambassador for Reebok, Community Marketing Partner for Keen, Haleo and Delta International.

Shiho was struck by Strala wand in 2012 when Tara and Mike visited Tokyo. Being  an office worker, back then, for Adidas Japan/Reebok (brand marketing manager),  teaching and practicing Vinyasa Yoga and CrossFit on the side, Shiho believed in the world that trying hard is the best and only way to achieve goals. Through Strala practice, over a few years, she realized things are quite the opposite. Less effort can be more.  When slowing down enough to feel and be, more things started to happen without effort while staying happy! Still have a long way to travel on Strala path, yet looking forward to the exciting process and taking part of the growth of Strala community in Japan:)

Love coffee, learn new languages/cultures,  travel, and meet new people around the world.  Please come visit us if you travel to Tokyo!

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