Drina Seay

Strala Certified 200 Hours

New York, New York, United States, 10035

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2015, 200

I lead private group and individual Strala sessions. Starting in spring through fall, I'll be leading Strala outside in Central Park and Pleasant Village Community Garden in East Harlem, NYC. Also starting this spring I'm partnering with MTAR run crew for a yoga program for runners. I'll post my schedule here as soon as we start!I first set foot in a yoga studio in 1996 and continued to practice off and on for nearly 2 decades. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Tara Stiles' Stråla yoga videos on youtube, and then her books, that I found the yoga that feels good to me in every way. I love helping people drop the struggle and learn to move easily, all while having fun and feeling great.
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