Elizabeth Alexy

Strala Certified 200 Hours

New York, New York, United States, 10025

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2014, 200

Elizabeth Alexy completed the 200-hour Ready-To-Lead teacher training with Strala in 2014, and teaches privately in NYC. She has a comfortable home-studio on the Upper West Side, as well as the flexibility to travel. She guides students into a slow surrender towards the spiritual awakening accessible in the infinite possibilities of yoga, and teaches with an attitude of love and service. She believes the student and teacher stand as equals, and enjoys working with all levels. She loves how energy transformation is enabled on multiple levels through practice, be they physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. She believes in non-violently raising the worldly vibrations from the inside out, recognizing that a yoga practice can heal and rid internal energies such as negativity or pain, which block our ability to the highest path vibrations of love, harmony, joy, freedom, appreciation, respect, friendliness, and kindness. She’s interested in awakening to the miracles of love and life in every moment, on the mat and off. She takes great interest in many wellness faith-based communities, and studies energy work and both ancient and modernized eastern philosophy. She has a capacity for insight that stretches deep in the practice, to assist with individual challenges and areas of disharmony, or bad habits. Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to observe the self and practice meditation in movement, noticing any sensations arising, pleasant or unpleasant, and to accept them with equanimity in an easy, calm environment of safety and serenity. It is a gift and joy to practice positive evolution and growth, and she is blessed to share the experience of this gift. In addition, Elizabeth studied at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University in Public Communications, and has worked as a professional model and actress. She a wellness professional, utilizing the gift of energy work, meditation, and alternate medicine. Elizabeth is a healer.
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Elizabeth Alexy