Mar Moreras

Strala Certified 220 Hours

Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, 11540

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2014, 20

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2015, 200

Homero 1303, col polancoAs a child, I was at the lead of the Mexican National Gymnastics Squad for eight years. That gave me a lot of discipline, strength and passion for pursuing a dream. In that time I also fell in love with the body, the movement and how everything is connected with the energy and the mind.On 2011 I took the Pilates Method Alliance Certification here in Mexico and rapidly started giving classes to friends and family. Little by little more people started to reach me for taking my classes but at that time I didn´t have the right place for growing my groups.On 2014 I discovered Strala when Tara came to Mexico to spread her method and good vibes on a two day event... It was love at first sight! :D  The philosophy, the classes, the courses, the vibe, the dynamics…EVERYTHING fell in the right place and suddenly I discovered that it was exactly what I was looking for! It became my way of life, and something I completely believe in.The same year I went to New York for the Strala summer camp, and next year for the Strala Ready-to-lead 200hrs training.Today, I´m leading Strala classes in two studios (Agoralucis, Polanco) and Hype Training (Roma Norte). I also give Strala at a public park near home (El Sope, Chapultepec) and some private classes.I practice everyday to become a better guide and a better version of myself  :)Peace out ;)
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