Taisia Vanzetto

Strala Certified 100 Hours

Rome, Rome, Italy, 00153

Training Level

Online 100+Hour Training, 2019, 100

Hi I am Tay!I am a freelancer yoga and meditation guide in Rome and Venice area.Just a regular free spirited human being determined to live the path of ease.I always knew there was another way beyond all the stress, fear and struggle. I just wasn't able to find it. I looked everywhere, red all the books,  listened to all the tapes, tried all the diets yet it was all a bunch of nonsense.  It never occurred to me to look for peace into the only place where I could have found all the answers.. inside! When I looked inside I found the map, the path of ease.Since then my only purpose is doing my best to heal, discover and expand, to connect with people and share a way of living based on ease, peace and inspiration. 
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Taisia Vanzetto