Strala Online Training

Learn to practice and share a way of being, moving and healing that people love, all around the world.

Just like our in-person trainings, this course gives everything you need get started and keep progressing, in both your personal practice and your leadership – with yoga, work, relationships, and across your whole life.

With over 50 sessions and 15 classes, plus a 100-Page Guidebook, we’ve designed this training to give you the experience of being here, together and sharing with a group. You’ll work through instruction and practice in a wide variety of topics outlined below. And we’ll share with you the common challenges, questions, and solutions that always come up in our in-person trainings, and give loads of daily practical guidance to create a structure for inspiring progress.

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About Strala Training

Strala is moving with ease during restful and challenging circumstances alike. When you find ease in effort, your body and life become very capable and strong. You become an expert at creating space in your life for peace, creativity, inspiration, and all-around feeling great.

Strala Yoga is a way of being, moving and healing, that helps people connect with how they feel, move how it feels good, and handle challenges with ease. Strala Training empowers you to find easy capability, whether on your yoga mat, leading a class, or living your life.

With Strala, your yoga will transform into a moving meditation that cultivates a radiantly strong, connected, healthy, and inspired body and mind from the inside out.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a teaching path, getting deeper into your yoga, or both, Strala Training is a journey that will transform your inner and outer world.

Learning to move with ease in your body and life is an extremely rewarding challenge.  It gives you inexhaustible energy, and tremendous physical and life ability. Best of all, it gives you a radiant, happy, and inspired you.  From here, you get to support other people in finding their own way, and creating their own inspiring lives.



  • Reputation: Strala is one of the top training programs in the world.
  • Education: Top-tier faculty. Each member has more than 20 years of practical experience, and between 4 and 10 years of advanced education at top-tier institutions, including Harvard, Oxford, and University of Edinburgh.
  • Worldwide Appeal: Strala is the most widely-reaching style of yoga in the world, with a wonderfully diverse audience.
  • Results: Get healthy, happy, and create a life that reaches beyond your dreams.
  • Leadership: The only mainstream training program led entirely by its founders, Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor.
  • Not a generic training: You graduate with a unique set of skills that people love all around the world, which makes it much easier to find work.
  • Highest Standards: Part of the global Yoga Alliance Professionals, holding higher standards than the American alliance.
  • Science: Our program is backed by mind-body medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra and Harvard Professor of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi.

Whether you’re new to Strala or a long-time practicer, looking to teach yoga or discover new ways to drop stress and bring more ease into your whole life – you’ll love this course.

Topics Include:

  • Mindset and Approach
  • Breath and Natural Movement
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Safety and Healing
  • Connection, Touch, and Support
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine
  • Progressive Sequencing
  • Creating a Supportive Environment
  • Verbal Communication and Body Language
  • Leadership and Business
  • Intuition, Creativity, and Inspiration

What You’ll Find Here

This online training gives a perfect way to get ready for our longer Ready-to-Lead and Advanced Leadership Trainings, and also provides good ground for ongoing review and development once our time together is complete.

It’s also perfect for everyone who can’t make it to an in-person training. We’ve designed this to help everyone get started and advance with your practice and leadership from wherever you are, right now.

You’ll discover in this course how to form a positive connection with yourself, and with others. You’ll learn to release stress, bring your whole body and mind into harmony, and move more easily through all kinds of challenge. You’ll also learn to accomplish more in your professional life, transform your personal life, and create your dream life.

Who Is This For

Everything we do is designed to help people move more easily from right where they are each day. So wherever you are is a perfect place to begin. This is true for all of our courses, including the online program.

Our trainings all have people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, from beginners to long-time practicers, people looking to teach and people wanting to carry what they learn across their work, relationships, and whole life.

Our graduates are a wonderfully diverse and inspiring group of people. They range from 16 to over 80. They’re from dozens of countries worldwide. They are entrepreneurs and chief executives, professors and librarians, scientists and researchers, studio owners and fitness instructors, yoga teachers of every style, psychologists and physiotherapists, life and health coaches, doctors and lawyers. They are moms and dads, daughters and sons, and lifelong friends.

What You Get

Watch: Over 50 instructional sessions and 15 classes, covering a wide variety of topics and uses.

Read: Session-by-session notes and tips, and a 100-page Guidebook covering each section of the course, that give additional direction and detail, along with regular homework assignments.

Progress: A 1-Month and Multi-Month training and practice plan. Everybody learns in their own way, at their own pace, and this training is yours to go through in your own time. We follow an adult learning model with all our trainings, and we’re here to support everyone individually.

Community: During the course, you’ll have access to our private online training community, so you can connect with us and each other throughout this shared learning process. And once you’ve completed this course, you’ll access our private online community of Strala graduates worldwide. Connect with each other, and with Tara and Mike, for ongoing questions, sharing experience, and progress.

Final Exam: For putting all this into your own language and life.

Certification: We provide a Strala 100+Hour Leadership Training Certificate upon completion, and list your certification on our website. Strala is accredited by the global Yoga Alliance Professionals. YAP doesn’t certify programs shorter than 200 hours, but this course follows the same approach, and also counts for continuing education and practice credit in our longer trainings.

Continuing Education Credit: Including application to both our Ready-to-Lead and Advanced Leadership Trainings.

Continuous Improvement and Updates: What we do together is always growing and evolving, and people who take our in-person courses each year always notice that it’s different (and better!) every time. The same holds for this online course. We’ll be continually improving and adding to what we share in the reading and video sessions, and you’ll have ongoing access to this course so you can review whenever you like, and keep progressing over time. This way we all get to grow together here.

Lifetime: Taking good care of yourself is the practice of a lifetime. When you learn to release stress, find harmony in your body and peace in your mind, heal what needs healing, and accomplish challenge with ease, you have something amazing to share.


Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a member of the Strala Training Faculty, with a focus on leadership, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala. Thousands of Guides lead Strala classes around the world in studios, gyms, and health clubs, and Strala is practiced by a very large online community in nearly 100 countries. Strala has been illustrated in a case study by Harvard Business School, and its practices of ease and connection are incorporated by business leaders, entrepreneurs, and well-being professionals everywhere.

Tara teams up with W Hotels, bringing Strala Yoga and healthy recipes to W properties around the globe. She collaborated with Reebok to create the Reebok Yoga lifestyle range, and has authored several best-selling books, including Yoga Cures, Make Your Own Rules Cookbook, and Strala Yoga, all translated and published in many languages. She has been profiled by The New York Times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and featured in most major national and international magazines.

Tara supports the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, President Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, bringing Strala classes to more than 30,000 participating schools. Tara is married to Mike Taylor, and they live in SOHO, NYC.

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Mike Taylor

Mike is a member of the Strala Training Faculty, with focus on East Asian movement, meditation, health, and healing practices.

Named “Best Mover” by MindBodyGreen, he’s practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques, including tai chi, qigong, and shiatsu, for more than three decades.

In his younger years, Mike challenged centuries of reasonable and well-tested martial traditions in hundreds of competitions, by applying unruly imagination to a world where rules were unbreakable. As he got older, he happily become more interested in supporting bodies than disrupting them, and continued on to medical applications of the mind-body connection in university. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and alternative medicine and psychology at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the U.S. and England, Mike left his healthcare roots. He worked at a steel mill for a while, joined a web company, and then founded a few more.

Now Mike has found his way back to health care done right, helping to create a system of yoga that draws on his martial and healing experience. Unbound by rules and guru-traditions that don’t work, Strala is helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds, become their own best caregivers, and live happy capable lives.p>

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When Can You Begin

Right now! About a day after you sign up, we’ll send along a welcome message with details for creating your profile and getting started.

This course includes over 50 video instruction sessions, reading, and homework assignments to help bring this approach into your life. You’ll be learning a process for dropping stress, healing what needs healing, and handling all kind of challenge with ease. This is going to feel good!


If you have any questions or need something, it’s always fine to reach us directly, using

Open the door to a whole new way of connecting,
sharing, and growing with everyone in your life.

These trainings are an incredibly rewarding life-long adventure
of mutual support, and inspiring accomplishment.

We’re really lucky to have this in our lives.

Thank you so much everybody, we’re excited to get started with you here!

xo – Tara & Mike

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