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    Pop-Up Strala Classes with Samm in Brooklyn!


    We’re excited to have Samm sharing Strala across the Manhattan Bridge in the BK! Samm was part of the Spring ’14 200+Hr Ready-To-Lead Training and has always been a special part of the StralaNYC community. Here, she tells us what led to her exciting new project.… read more >

  • summer salad

    Spicy Creamy Summer Fresh Salad

    It’s summer time weather already here in NYC which for me means all kinds of summer salads in the kitchen to explore in between STRONG & RELAX class at Strala.

    This spicy-creamy-fresh beauty is so delicious and light that you can gobble up a heaping plate full and feel super energized after.… read more >

  • Top Neighborhood Hang Outs Near Strala

    The city where dreams are made of is filled with the foodstuffs of your dreams. If you know where to look.

    I got you.  I came, I saw, I stretched and then I ate and drank. And here I am still doing mostly that.  Please enjoy my mini-guide on the surrounds of Strala, our home-away-from-home-that’s-better than-our-actual-home-because: so much ooey-gooey yoga.

    read more >
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    Who Made the Rules?



    As write this, I am sitting in the front space at Strala surrounded by posters that read: “Make Your Own Yoga”, “Take Good Care of You”  ”Super-healthy Body.” and,  ”Calm, focused mind.”

    I wear a tank top that reads; ‘Who Made the Rules?’


    Recently, with the help of honest and open conversation, I came to the realization that I am someone that needs rules and structure in my life.  It was a surprising revelation, one that came with some discomfort.… read more >

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    Strala Guide of the Month: Allyssa Berger!


    Strala Seattle is our first affiliate Strala studio. It has been such an incredible and fun journey to work with the Berger family to bring Strala to the west coast. Allyssa Berger is a special one, bringing her bubbly, excited self to all of her classes.… read more >

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    Win a signed copy of Mallika Chopra’s book!


    Hey friends!

    I’m so happy to be back to my awesome StralaNYC family. And it seems that I made it back just in time for spring weather!

    I’m back from an awesome adventure from London, Paris, Berlin and Vieques. It’s so inspiring to meet passionate, excited people leading Strala around the world and reaching so many.… read more >

  • Kati

    The Impossibilities

    If you are within a football field’s distance, you can’t miss lanky, bubbly Kati Rediger. Her energy shoots out magic sparks in all directions. Makes sense that she partnered up wit her new hubs, Ash Springer to create The Impossibillities, a new webseries we’re screening at Strala Friday night, April 24th at 8pm.… read more >

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    #Stralaeverywhere WINNER & Guide Of The Month!

    Hi friends!

    We had a great weekend here in NYC and are excited about Humberto’s new 1:00pm STRONG class added to the Sunday schedule.

    Humberto will also be leading a super fun Inversion Exploration Workshop on Saturday, March 7th in NYC.… read more >

  • And the #stralaeverywhere WINNER is…

    Hi friends!

    Hope you had an amazing weekend! Here in NYC, we’re staying warm by sharing tons of hugs and by making time for STRONG sequences.

    To all of our friends in Seattle, old and new, we miss you already!… read more >

  • Vieques


    A huge part of what makes Strala so special is the international community. . . aka you! Whether you are a regular in class, an at home mover to on-line videos, a Guide, or a studio owner, or my Mom (hi Mom!) we adore seeing you do your thing and radiate around the world.… read more >